Liam Albarel-Hepburn


Hi I'm Liam, over here at OCW I create the art and develop front end structures for our community. I founded this company with Josh and Jordy, two very bright guys with a drive and a passion for XRP. We look forward to maintaining our connection to the community and constantly bringing you exciting news and fun features.


Josh Theakston


Hey I'm Josh! Currently 4 years into my training to become a doctor, but have found a passion for coding and problem solving, particularly within the XRPL! I enjoy a bit of camping and bush work, but have been loving building OnChain Whales with Liam and Jordy. I've got plenty more ideas to develop for you all! So I hope to see you around!


Jordan Gladmann


Hi I'm Jordy, 23, I have a love for technology and videogames and a knack for customer service, which is how I ended up here. A logical and straight forward vision is key in a project to provide exceptional support. Catch me interacting with the community in Discord, Twitter and Instagram.

Cosmos Sales & Marketing

Business Development/ Strategies

Here at Cosmos, we believe that everything is possible so long as one has the passion. The entrepreneur is the embodiment of passion, drive and the need to change the world. As impressive as your business may be, without the ability to reach the right people, build a client base and a strong sales force, you will always be one step behind your competitors. Our goal is to push you ahead of your competition, using new and tailored solutions for your company and your product.