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Trustlines and DEXs


Trustlines instryct the blockchain that you are willing to receive $OCW
  • rK9DrarGKnVEo2nYp5MfVRXRYf5yRX3mwD
  • OCW
  • 36,000


Use the XRPLs integrated DEX to trade $OCW just like a normal exchange.
  • Connect you XRPL wallet
  • Buy and Sell
  • No exchange fees

Frequently asked questions

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Setting a trustline on an XRPL enabled wallet allows the user to receive those tokens to their wallet. You can control the amount you are willing to receive with the limit, this can help stop spam to your account or receiving tokens you don't want. As a safety buffer, set your trustline limit to the max supply of that token.

At the start of the OCW project, OCW did three airdrops to the trustline holders. OCW does not plan on offering any more airdrops but allways have your trustline set, just in case.

OCW has an active discord community with friendly users always happy to answer any of your questions. Head over to the contact page to find the link to join our Discord.

OCW is an XLS-20 ready NFT project. What this means is on completion and passing of the XLS-20 ammendment on the XRPL, OCW will mint the NFTs and users will be able to swap their IOU token $OCW for their NFT at random.

Click to view ammendment progress

OCW has developed a decentralised marketplace will many tools and improvements to the NFT trading experience. Buy and sell your NFTs there with ease. Don't forget to try your hand at minting your own NFTs and selling them there too!

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